In our busy world it’s never a bad time to pause and take some time for self-care. Whether you are new to class or a long time practitioner, we welcome students of all ages and ability levels. Come as you are! And find your way back to you.

Weekly Classes

We offer weekly yoga classes in Anusara, Kundalini, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga as well as classes in meditation, dance and creativity.

You may drop in to ANY of the classes on our weekly class schedule ANY time, or purchase a class card for 5, 10, 20 or 30 classes which can be used for a 3 month period. Class cards are valid for all weekly classes and many workshops at our studio. We welcome students of all ages and ability levels. If you want to improve your health and relationship with your body, decrease pain, recover from an injury or trauma, build strength, have fun and connect with members of your local community in a safe and welcoming environment, join us!

Weekly Class Schedule

Come together ~ Make something Beautiful.

During the month of April, all of our classes are being offered online!  You will need to download a program called zoom to attend classes at  This program is free.  You will also need to sign in to classes using Mindbody.  

You may drop in to ANY of the classes on our weekly class schedule ANY time or purchase a class card.  At Mosaic we have yoga mats all the props you might need for practice and a group of highly trained and professional teachers ready to meet you exactly where you are at.

While we are offering online classes we are also offering Special Prices!

Drop in: $10

4 for $40 for Everyone Class Cards

(Class cards valid for 1 month)

Want to make a donation to the studio to help support us?  We are so grateful!  You can do that here:

coming soon!


5:30- 6:45 PM Yoga Basics - Anna Root- Postponed until further notice

7-8:15 PM Belly Dance - Natalya Cowilich *Donation Based Class*


 8:30AM-9:30AM Mindful Vinyasa Flow - Erica Shockley

10-11:15 AM  Gentle Yoga - Miranda Gehris







8:30-9:30 AM Pilates Fundamentals - Zoe Becker

4:00 - 5:00PM Restorative Lift - Erica Shockley

5:30-6:45 PM Anusara Mixed level - Rachel Bush


8:30-9:30 AM Mindful Vinyasa Flow- Erica Shockley

10-11:15 AM Gentle Yoga -Rachel Bush





5:30-6:45 PM
Anusara Yoga Elements with Miranda Gehris





10-11:15 AM
Anusara Mixed level with Rachel Bush




1:30-2:30PM Meditative Flow -Erica Shockley *Donation Based Class*

                                                                                  3:00 - 4:00PM Yoga Club -Anna Root *Donation Based Class*




We will return to these class card options once we open our physical location again in May.  For now enjoy $10 classes from the comfort of your own home!  

All class cards expire 3 months from purchase date.  Class cards are valid for all weekly classes and many workshops at our studio. For more classes check our workshop schedule.  You can also keep up with our schedule on Mindbody on the web or on the Mindbody app.  Check the link at the top of the page to keep up with class substitutions and cancelations.  

Class Card Intro Offer for New Students | 4 classes for $40

5 class card | $80

(20% Discount)

10 class card | $150

(25% Discount)

20 class card | $250

(38% Discount)

30 class card | $300

(50% Discount)

Weekly Classes

Offered Weekly or Semi-Weekly


Anusara is an alignment-based and heart-centered practice. These classes are a therapeutic blend of rejuvenation and challenge. Learn to balance Effort with Surrender and connect the physical with the emotional and mental.

  • Elements: Teachers of Elements classes have completed their 200-hour Anusara Teacher Training
  • Inspired: Teachers of Inspired Classes have completed their 200-hour teacher training and have
    been teaching for 2 or more years.
  • Mixed Level: taught by Certified Anusara Teachers who have completed the highest training in the
    Anusara School.

Gentle Yoga

In this class, we will use the wall, props, and many variations to find a yoga practice that works for you. If you are healing from an injury or chronic illness or are looking for a restful and nurturing class, this one is designed for you. If you cannot sit on the floor, a chair will be provided. All levels welcome.

Slow Flow

This class will draw from several different practices to cool and calm the mind and prepare the body for sleep: Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Essential Oils, Restorative Yoga, Self-Massage and journaling. Each class will be unique. Set some time aside each week to unwind and tap into the source.

Yoga Club

Come play with us! In this interactive yoga salon, host Anna Root invites practitioners to share experiences and ideas for creating an enjoyable home practice. Ask questions and try out your moves in the company of friends. We’ve got the props and the space—what are you waiting for? All levels welcome! $5 suggested donation.

Qi Gong

This gentle class invites you to cultivate an internal state of awareness through movement, breathing, and bodily structure. This form of Chinese internal martial arts is centered around basic principles which build and circulate the flow of life-giving processes throughout the body for overall health and wellness. Balance and strengthen the mind-body connection to encourage movement where resistance is leading to stagnation. Elevate your life and health with this internal practice.

Pilates Fundamentals

This is a safe yet challenging class where we work to understand what works best for our own bodies, expand our awareness of anatomy through movement, and align the body and the mind so we can move with ease in our daily lives. Through the exercises, we seek to balance strength and flexibility, build core strength, and increase resiliency. We explore spinal articulation, pelvic stabilization, decompression of the spine and hip joints, and realign our bodies to open the breath and change postural habits. We also incorporate the use of props, including straps, blocks and balls and sometimes Yamuna Bodyrolling as well. Suitable for beginners at any age as well as experienced students.

Belly Dancing

 A very approachable beginner’s moves class, and for folks of medium or advanced experience, this class works well as a strength training/isolation class. I run the class for 1 hour 20 minutes: 1 hour to go from head to toe with isolation, undulation, strength training and stretching, and the last twenty minutes to incorporate moves into dance and have free-form movement. I will supply hip scarves to borrow for the duration of the class. My class stems from the traditional Egyptian and Turkish teachings of belly dance. I personally like to give homage to belly dance original history, and I strive to incorporate origin story into practice. I also focus largely on body positivity and what feels good for folks. I am a strength-based facilitator–whatever you are bringing to the dance floor, we gonna work with it! I have taught older folks in wheelchairs basic isolation moves and “chair dancing,” and I value being accommodating and holding open practice space for all. I value all abilities from every walk of community. My classes are framed with a celebration of feminine energy, as is tradition with the art and culture of this dance. That does not mean only female-identifying folk can participate–all identities are welcome, so long as they are open to celebrating the circles of life, expressive hip movement, moon cycle simulations, and the ancient history of this being a distinctly feminine art. We will be strengthening our pelvic floor–we all have a pelvic floor!

Mosaic Services


At Mosaic we strive to showcase our communities' immense talent and wisdom in the healing arts through regular weekly classes, seasonal workshops, advanced training and continuing education. We also aim to make this wealth accessible by offering both regular and periodic donation based classes. We value integrity and are committed to Mosaic being a safe space where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their body type, ability level, orientation, politics, religious beliefs, race or even previous training. It is you, our beautiful and diverse community that makes up the Mosaic of who we become as a studio. Come as you are!

Weekly Classes

Anusara, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Restorative, Pilates, Dance, Qi-Gong


Ayurveda, Meditation, Advanced Asana, Therapeutics, Dance, Energy Work, Creativity and Communication.

Individual Consultation

Ayurvedic Consultation and Individual Therapeutic Yoga sessions available.

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Mosaic is Closed

Thank you for all of your support!
Our world is changing- and quickly!  Even though it is sad for us to say goodbye to the studio we know that when one door closes another opens.  We hope you will keep practicing!  Remember, yoga is a connection to something that is always present and never absent.
Here is a list of teachers from Mosaic and their contacts so you can stay in touch:
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